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Soothing scents for you.

Soothing scents for you.

Seasonal favourites


A light, fresh scent that evokes memories of fresh snow and clear blue skies. The scents of crisp, green grass, cotton, and clean linen fill your home with this candle's enchanting aroma - great for everyday use.


Swedish midsummer is when you celebrate light, soul, and happiness. This fragrance embodies a warm sunny beach, a soft breeze, and a long summer night. A summer-inspired scent with notes of sandalwood and birch, and a bottom note of warm, spicy allspice and citrus flow with our midseason candle.


Warm and spicy, the Ceylon candle is a warm, sensual scent. Hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves build on each other to create a snuggly, wood fire scent perfect for those cool winter evenings. 


The freshness of a spring garden captured in a candle. The scent of freshly cut rosewood and lily is light, airy, and ambrosial with tonal notes of cherry and heliotrope for a romantic, fresh and feminine fragrance.

Cozy, elegant scents for the perfect ambience

Cozy, elegant scents for the perfect ambience

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